Community Cat Companions

Community Cat Companions is a Trap-Neuter-Return organization, located in Euclid, Ohio, with subsidiaries throughout Lake and Ashtabula Counties. Our organization traps, sterilizes and vaccinates stray and feral cats, returning them to their outdoor home or placing adoptable cats and kittens in permanent homes. By preventing future litters, we address homelessness which has far-reaching consequences for our communities.

Community Cat Companions is a resource for individuals who need assistance trapping, neutering and placing adoptable cats and kittens in permanent homes. We are a resource for the maintenance and care of feral cat colonies. We instruct on the usage of feeding stations and shelters, as well as provide information for the care of pregnant and nursing cats and kittens. Finally, we provide resources for community support.

Feral cats are valuable members of our communities and have been living with us for thousands of years. They deserve to be treated with the same care and respect that we afford the feline members of our own families. Our goal is to provide care and to control the population in a responsible and humane manner.

To advocate for the humane treatment and protection of cats.

We envision a society in which all cats are treated with dignity and respect.

We value cats and acknowledge their place in our community. We value the people and communities that advocate in the best interest of cats.