Cat/Kitten Care

You decided to do it. You did your research, dotted all the Is and crossed all the Ts, and have adopted a kitten or perhaps, a cat. Congratulations! But you have SO many questions. How do I introduce my new family member to my home and the rest of my family? What do I feed it? What do I need to buy to keep my best friend happy and healthy? Community Cat Companions has assembled some excellent resources for cat and kitten care. Our resources cover a wide variety of topics but are not designed to replace veterinary care or advice. If there is a topic that you don’t see covered here, let us know and we will work on getting you some advice and the topic added to our list. Good luck with your new furry friend and have a pawsome day!

Welcome Home Advice
Kitten/Cat Milestones
What Should I Feed My Kitten/Cat
4 Secrets to litter box training your kitten
5 secrets to a well-adjusted new kitten
You know your kitten is bugged, right?
Fun for your fuzzball: The basics of kitten enrichment
Vaccines save kittens’ lives
Overcoming common behavior problems in kittens
Cats and heartworm disease
Stress triggers for cats
How to habituate you cat to a carrier
How to identify inappropriate elimination in cats
Answers to your questions about inappropriate elimination
They are for more than just scratching
Nailing It Optimized
FIV facts flyer
How to Brush Your Cat
Osteoarthritis in Your Senior Cat
Don’t Use Yours Dog’s Flea & Tick Medication on Your Cat
Top 10 Terrible Toxins for Cats & Dogs
My Cat Keeps Me Up at Night
Every House Should Have…
How to Deal with Aggressive/Mean Cats
How Cats Say ‘I Love You’
Keep Cats Indoors
How to Create Low-Stress Veterinary Visits for Cats
The Perfect Scratching Post