Lake County & Ashtabula Community Cats has put together this Resource List to help the communities we serve. We are an all-volunteer TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) organization and often we get calls to take in cats and/or kittens that may be owned or those that have sought refuge in a person’s yard, Other calls  are related to finding medical care to injured or ill members of feral cat colonies or strays. In addition, we are often contacted for food.

Our organization is NOT a shelter or a rescue. Our main focus is to reduce the over-population of feral and stray cats in the neighborhoods of Lake and Ashtabula Counties. We do not have a centralized location to take in friendly cats and/or kittens, but rely on a small network of volunteer fosters to help socialize kittens no older than 8-10 weeks and, on occasion, friendly adults. Space is extremely limited.  We only offer assistance with sterilization and initial vaccinations as part of our TNR initiative, not ongoing medical care.

But we do want to help. This resource list is fairly broad in scope, including contact information for a variety of organizations in northeastern Ohio that may be able to help you with several of these concerns.

This list will be updated as more information becomes available. If you can suggest other organizations to add to these resources, please let us know!

Thank you.

TNR – Local and National

Shelters & Rescues

Medical & Emergency

Facebook Groups